Checklist in Buying the Most Suitable Bottle Cooler

Imagine getting thirsty in the middle of the street on a Sunday afternoon. What do you do? Most likely you will be more than willing to spend a dime or two over a cold beverage from a bottle cooler or under bench drink chiller. On the other side of the story, another person would be earning that money you spent without doing much. Wouldn’t it be better if you were that person earning? Purchasing a bottle cooler entitles you as an average business owner to a 100% cash only business. This means you control your own business following your own pace, while deciding the beverage products you sell. Being able to follow your own command in business also puts its outcome under your accountability. This means you are accountable to either success or failure of your business. This is why purchasing of bottle coolers and drink chillers for your beverage business needs a lot of planning.

Here is the checklist of things to consider when buying the perfect bottle coolers:

1. Is the bottle cooler / drink chiller / underbench easy to operate? The easier it is to control the bottle cooler, the more attractive it is to your customers.

2. Is the bottle cooler or drink chiller suitable for the products I plan to sell? It is important to know what type of products you plan to store in your commercial
fridge. Candies and chocolates cannot be sold and displayed in commercial fridges for bottled drinks.

3. Is my budget enough?
If you have not enough capital and budget, you can opt for 2 nd  hand bottle coolers. You just have to make sure that the price is reasonable for its age and quality.

4. Is the whole commercial fridge fully functional?
You need to check if the bottle cooler functions well to accommodate your business goods.

5. Is the unit energy efficient?
Those bottle coolers that can function for 24/7 for a minimal amount of kilowatts are more preferred over the rest of commercial bar fridges.

The most important factor to consider in the purchase of commercial refrigeration for your business is whether or not the bottle cooler matches and contributes to your business needs and demands. For help in finding the perfect fridge for your commercial refrigeration needs, contact Heccater today and let us help you with your beverage business needs.

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