SKOPE’s now offering 2 new forms of financing! Great Deals!


All our great SKOPE products offer 2 forms of SKOPE financing. These are SKOPE Cash Flow Boost & SKOPE Flexi Term. Get a SKOPE product at a bargain, review the differences below.


SKOPE Cash Flow Boost

This Hire Purchase is a great option if you’re opening a new business, expanding or simply want to upgrade your commercial refrigeration. Your costs in the first year are likely to be quite high, especially if you’re just starting out, so we’re offering no repayments and interest free for the first 12 months to help you reduce your costs. For extra peace of mind you will also get SKOPE’s superior warranty protection for the whole 5 years of this agreement. The balance of your loan will be paid over years 2-5 and at the end of your agreement you will own your SKOPE products outright.

  • Prices based on SKOPE RRP
  • No repayments & interest free for the first 12 months!
  • Extended Warranty Protection for the full duration
  • Fixed Term of 5 years (1st year no repayments)
  • Own the product at the end of term

Link to application form

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SKOPE Flexi Term

SKOPE Flexi Term is the most flexible way to get access to SKOPE’s range of premium commercial refrigeration. Choose a hire purchase term from 1 – 5 years to suit your own circumstances and you’ll own the product outright at the end of your agreement. Unlike other lenders you will also receive SKOPE’s superior warranty protection for the duration of your finance agreement. So you can chill with even more peace of mind SKOPE also provides an annual onsite preventative maintenance check no matter what term you’ve chosen. If after 12 months you’ve changed your mind you can even hand the product back to SKOPE.

  • Price based on Dealer Sell Price
  • Extended Warranty Protection for full duration
  • Includes annual on-site preventative maintenance check for full duration
  • Handback option at the end of the first 12 months (Can return equipment)
  • Flexible term, anywhere from 1 to 5 years
  • Own the product at the end of term

Link to application form

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