Skipio Refrigeration

Skipio Refrigeration

Skipio Refrigeration our new member of our product line we have on offer for you refer to this product under the Brands section.

Here is some information to read on the product


Skipio Refrigeration and freezers display and storage Underbar upright Merchandisers. Bakery and cake food displays

SKIPIO is an international commercial refrigeration manufacturer with its headquarter in Seoul, Korea and manufacturing facilities in Korea and China. We SKIPIO have long-term global experience and abundant knowledge in manufacturing, sales and technology for refrigeration. Our expertise lies in the field of commercial refrigerated cabinets, bakery showcases, ice-makers, blast chillers, custom-made products, and so on. We have been expanding our product range over the years in order to fulfil all our clients’ commercial kitchen needs.

We produce approximately 30,000 units per year with the most cutting-edge facilities and manufacturing equipment such as NCTs, individual jigs, and automatic bending machines along with mass production lines. With such high-tech equipment, we inspect and assess every single product thoroughly in our testing laboratory to make sure that our products meet the AUS/NZ standards.

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