Cater Equipment Supplies

Cater Equipment Supplies

Cater Equipment Supplies proudly market and sell Williams Refrigeration Australian made in Victoria  a quality product  including industrial fridges, meat fridges, prep counters, among others – available in different sizes and configurations to match whatever position they will be fixated. Are you looking for a small under-counter fridge for behind the bar? Is a huge double door chiller for your weekly deliveries your major priority? Stay calm we have got you covered. There’s a variety of choices to choose from right here.

Williams Refrigeration Australian made  name already etched in gold, for providing  quality refrigeration and freezers Australia made and Overseas. Our infinite supplies cater for big and small cafe restaurant food services all over Australia.1

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For over 29 years, we have built a long-standing reputation as a trusted brand amongst commercial caterers across the globe. Our range is high quality, diverse and at an excellent price point.

We offer a range of fridges and freezers suitable for a variety of kitchen needs and requirements, blast chillers capable of chilling your hot food, prep counters to make preparing your food convenient, wine and bottle coolers for maximum storage in bars and restaurants, and ice makers that are amongst the most user-friendly in the commercial market.

Whether you run a busy restaurant, hotel, takeaway or just want commercial refrigeration for your home Polar has the perfect cooling solution. Offering 3 distinct product series, C, G and U, selecting the right product for your requirements has never been easier.
Dedicated to delivering quality equipment for the foodservice, catering and hospitality industry at competitive prices and all backed by comprehensive customer service and support, we have established ourselves as the ‘go-to’ company for businesses who make success their utmost priority.

The main reason to partner with us being a guarantee of Peace of Mind, we strive to ensure that every one of our customers receive premium services. Our unwavering dedication guarantees that our first-time buyers always become repeat customers.

All our Restaurant, Cafe refrigeration and Freezer equipment products are supported by Manufacturer’s warranty. Our team will help you make contact with them if you need it. On some products we are able to offer additional warranty for your peace of mind.

One of our claims to fame is we never ever knowingly sell a faulty product twice and will not sell any suppliers equipment if it doesn’t have an Australia-wide guarantee.
We are an online business with Australia head offices only in Melbourne and Brisbane. Our user-friendly website allows you to shop online 24/7. We hope you find what you are looking for and will enjoy your buying experience with us.

Take a look through our site and discover how we can equip your business with the very best of commercial refrigeration to push your business to the next level!

Having been around since 1991, our Professional support and guidance is just part of the package you get when you’re dealing with us.
Commercial fridge sales is part of the Heccater Pty Ltd Group
ABN 59 154 380 355

We distribute products in New South Wales, ACT, South Australia, Tasmania Northern Territory, Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland.
Please call us today at 0448 881 882 to discuss your needs, and we’ll be delighted to assist you with any requirements, desires and inquiries that you may have.
We are proud to be affiliated with Silver Chef’s Certified Used Program!
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Cater Equipment Supplies is part of the Heccater Pty Ltd Group  ABN 59 154 380 355 

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